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In this section you will find the answers to frequently asked Questions of our clients and executives of the analyzed companies. For further information, please contact us.

DEL RISCO REPORTS is a Peruvian privately-owned company, created in 2002 by Julio E. Del Risco Lizarzaburu, a professional in Credit and Financial Analysis who began in the business of credit reporting in 1960 when he started working at Dun & Bradstreet. 

Later he founded the company Credit Report SA in 1964, together with other two executives, former workers of D&B. Since 2002 the company has been dedicated to offering worldwide business, credit and financial information, providing facts and figures from reliable, public and private sources collected from the moment it is requested by one of its many customers around the world. It is then that companies with a legitimate interest can do their business in a fast way and expeditiously, in order to be duly informed and protect their investments. 

In other words, the information we provide is feasible to obtain directly from the source. The only inconvenience is that it is slightly slower and requires more investment but with great result at the end for the interested party. 

Be careful! Some companies often use our name to request information, taking by surprise companies.

To provide the international Banking System, Financial Institutions and commerce in general, with an easy tool and quick access that allows you to make decisions according to your own parameters without making judgment on it and also reduce the waiting time for the interested party when applying for a loan. Types of reports:

Credit reports contain facts and figures of a public nature, such as company name, business address, incorporation date, mobile, tax records, company history and its principal members, related companies, registration information, line of business, sales terms, sales territory, number of employees, mortgages, pledges, liens and probably information related to its credit performance, financial statements, sales, comparative results of recent years, referential credit opinion, among other. 

It is important to say that credit reports are limited to the real facts about the appropriate or inappropriate management to pay its trade and banking obligations, with the sole purpose of helping a pending credit transaction. 

Each company takes information and uses a series of formulas developed by themselves and/or by other companies, to determine its creditworthiness (credit scoring). In fact, a supplier may grant a credit while another supplier may deny it using the same data of its credit report. (this depends on its own credit policy). Obviously, if you apply for credit or any representation, it will help to have a good credit history and enjoy of the growth and development of your business.
The data of a company will be stored for an indefinite period, but it will be displayed only when it has been updated latest 90 days ago upon request of a client. Clearly the correct management of your credit has a prospective force in the risk level for the market, that’s why it involves a clear public interest and although in the case of public documents such as court records remain as a life historic archive in the Information Systems and Judiciary Technology, etc. it does not occur with collections of administrative nature that may be removed once debt is regularized or cancelled upon creditor’s request.
Unless there is permission from the interested party, it is not published any information that includes: Medical information, sexual orientation, political preference, religious affinity, race, family information, sensitive personal information.
No, bank secrecy only protects current accounts. 

The bank accounts are inviolable and banks may only provide information about them at the request or with written permission of the holder, or by order of a competent judicial authority. 

Except for the intervention by the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (SBS) in compliance with its duties regulated by Law`. 

In a Credit Report, information related to current accounts is NOT published since they are protected by the bank secrecy and it includes credit operations that some company might have in order to create its history about how it has been paying or not its debts to the financial system. In some cases the interested parties send us bank records indicating that the company has had current account for `many` years and it has always been well managed, which, under their express request is added as a POSITIVE reference.
Companies duly registered and subscribed to international business information service of Del-Risco Reports, once their export company quality is carefully selected. Also credit entities such as banks, collection agencies, export credit insurance companies and big companies can access to your credit report. Under sound judgment and in accordance with the Act and Regulations 29733, DEL RISCO REPORTS agrees with companies (subscribers to its service) that they must have a legitimate purpose of credit risk, to get a credit report

On the other hand, public companies, individuals without well-defined business purposes can not be subscribers to our service.
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